Keith over at Northlight Images has uncovered a large number of sensor patents from Canon. When you put all of these together, you get some interesting full frame sensors that will work with lenses that are quite close.

If you're bored and love reading patents, take a peak at the list below. (Summarized by Keith)

  • Canon patent info looking at asymmetric micro lenses for sensors [USPTO]
  • Canon have a slew of US patents dealing with aspects of DPAF, such as one looking at how you deal with the split in well capacity [USPTO]
  • Another looks at making use of contrast to improve the efficiency of phase AF [USPTO]
  • If you put lots of smaller BSI pixels under each micro lens you can improve sensitivity and DR [USPTO]
  • Automating focus micro adjustment is covered [USPTO]
  • Ever wondered what your camera is up to between shutter press and shutter release, when you are in AF/AE mode [USPTO]
  • Oh, and one more for those keeping up with curved sensor development [USPTO] – equalizing the influence of bending on dark current

This all feels related to Canon's upcoming full frame mirrorless camera(s).

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