There's more Canon EOS 6D Mark II specification talk making it's way around the web, most of it is what I would call expected.

First up, the camera will have DPAF and a fully functional touch and tilting LCD screen. This will be the first full frame Canon DSLR to get a tilt screen. The EOS 6D Mark II will NOT shoot 4K video, which will disappoint some, but I think most would expect it to be omitted.

A “new AF system” has also been mentioned, though the original source¬†for the AF system rumor doesn't know how many AF points it will have. The expected number has been 19, but we cannot confirm it.

  • 24MP or 25MP sensor (Difference between effective and actual?)
  • Dual Pixel AF
  • Dual SD card slots
  • NO 4K
  • Fully functional touch screen
  • Tilting LCD
  • New AF system
  • NFC
  • Wifi
  • GPS
  • Slightly smaller and lighter
  • Announcement expected Q1 2017 (We've been told it's possible the camera will come in Q2 of 2017)

The rumor mill post Photokina has been pretty quiet and what has come in has been contradictory. As such, this usually tells us nothing is on the imminent horizon and most things will be vague.

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