Canon has released new specifications for the Canon EOS R3, but has left many others undisclosed. The Canon EOS R3 will shoot RAW video, and by the looks of it, it will not shoot 8K.  In a normal Canon move, they have made the Canon EOS R3 compatible with the LP-E19 battery from the EOS-1D X Mark II and EOS-1D X Mark III. Canon is also adding AF tracking for cars, motorcycles, and other motorsports.

Check out all of the new features and specifications below.

From Canon Australia:

Today we’re releasing new and exciting specs for the  Canon EOS R3, marking a new era for sports, wildlife, and news photographers.

The EOS R3 will take object-tracking to another level – adding Auto Focus (AF) tracking for motorsports which include racing cars and motorbikes.

In addition to this, it’s been confirmed that the camera will feature 8 Stops Coordinated Control IS with Optical Image Stabilization and In-Body Image Stabilization.

New Canon EOS R3 Specifications:

  • Multi-Controller & Smart Controller
  • Vari-Angle Touch Screen
  • NEW accessory shoe
  • Wifi 5GHz
  • High speed 30fps electronic shutter with AF/AE tracking + RAW shooting at this speed
  • AF down to -7.0 EV
  • 8 Stops Coordinated Control IS with Optical IS and In-Body IS
  • 4K Canon Log3​
  • Oversampling 4K
  • Internal RAW video
  • Inclusion of cars and motorbikes in AF tracking technology
  • RAW internal movie recording
  • Speedlite shooting with electronic shutter
  • The same weather sealing as the EOS-1D series
  • LP-E19 Battery
  • Dual card slot SD & CFExpress
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  1. After seeing these specifications along with SD and CFExpress cards I am on the fence if I should buy R3 or not. I am still waiting for the official announcements to learn more, but at this stage I would like some insights into the following:

    1) What exactly does Canon mean that the DPAF has enhance tracking for people and animals? Is the tracking significantly better than the R5. Is the enhancement quad-pixel AF?

    2) Can the electronic shutter be used at speeds other than 30 fps like 10 fps or 20 fps? Many times I have a need for 10 fps and silent shutter and just do not need 30 fps.

    3) Lastly, what is the resolution of the sensor? I a still hoping for 30 MP, but my gut is saying it may not be more than 24 MP.
  2. What do we think for the resolution? I'm guessing ~32.5MP, midway between the 1DX3 and R5.
    I'd wager 20MP. The fact that they're not trumpeting the resolution is pretty suggestive that it's not an exciting spec, so staying the same as the R6/1DXiii wouldn't surprise me in the least.
  3. I think it is becoming pretty clear that the R3 is to the R1 what the R6 is to the R5. Most of the people in this thread have been hoping the R3 is what the R1 will actually be, yet the R5 basically already does for them.
  4. No details as to whether you can recover highlights if you are 8 stops over-exposed.... what will the Internet talk about today then?
    Anyone who has to recover 8 stops over-exposed images has a much deeper problem with photography I guess :devilish:
  5. While expected, I am pleased to see the battery confirmed. There had been some speculation that the R3 might have two LP-E6NH in it. But, the R3 will be sporting elite weather sealing and a higher volt battery.


    Not bring on the sensor size and get it into the hands of testers!
  6. Seems ok, but I think I'll hold out for 20 Stops of Coordinated Control IS so that I can handhold those night time Milky Way shots...
  7. I believe the R3 has to be a direct competitor to the Sony A1—and at-the-same time, be an improved R5. This means it should have at least 45MP, 4K oversampled from 8K, eliminate all recording limitations. I would buy such a beast!
  8. I was hoping for higher MP, and this is not promising. Too bad as I would have put in a preorder. But it sounds like the R3 is going to make reach-limited subjects even smaller, which is not what I am looking for in a wildlife body.

    Reach will continue to be an issue for me until Canon develops lighter weight high performing telephotos.

    What I don’t understand is why Canon is stating this body will compete with the A1 and Z9 if it will have half the MPs. Also, why the big marketibg hype about undercutting the competition when you are selling something that isn’t in line with those products anyway?
    Hopefully Canon is just playing games anf does have a sensor of at least 30MP-45MP. Maybe they are scared of advertizing 8k again if it is limited recording time again.Fingers crossed for better news but I am prepared to be disappointed.
  9. 30MP isn't exciting either but one can hope for that over 20MP! Look, if the initial acquisition/pickup is as good as 1DX3, I'm gonna be happy. Shooting warblers with the R5 was dreadful (and I love my R5) If higher MP then lovely. Shooting 4K 120 needs to be included too, but anything more would be bonus. I'm definitely excited about the accessory shoe (XLR adapter please!)

    I think this is a great stop-gap camera - there sure is a lot to love already. Is it perfect? What camera is? I'm likely getting it anyway... ha ha ha!!! Ohhhh boyyyyyy
  10. I have no idea why Canon keeps crippling their high end cameras with a dedicated SD card slot. CFExpress are cheap enough now that the cost justification doesn't hold up for the price of the body. Hopefully the R3 is dual-purpose slots, but knowing Canon they'll hold that for the R1

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