More big sensor cameras
We reported a while ago that Canon would introduce a new “entry level”  full frame camera some time in 2012. With the recent Nikon D600 rumors, there has been a lot of chatter in the Canon world if they'd do the same thing. For the moment, the 5D Mark II is Canon's entry level full frame camera.

No specs were given to me, but again I was told Canon is working on such a camera to be available before Christmas 2012 (or 2013 if recent history tells us anything).

… and the other?
I've received 2 other reports that Canon will possibly announce another full frame DSLR beyond the “entry level” in 2012, with availability moving into 2013. One would assume it would be a larger megapixel offering.

I have heard as many as 5 different sensors are in the wild and being tested,  and in various camera form factors.

CRs Take
It's highly likely that both cameras will become real products. I do get the feeling Canon hasn't committed to their immediate roadmap yet and there's a lot of “wait and see what the market wants” going on. People would like to see the Cinema EOS brand trickle down into a more affordable product than the EOS-1D C, but I don't see that happening until the 1D C actually starts to ship. I'll leave the delay jokes up to you guys.


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