The “Rumors”
There are lots of “typo rumors” circulating the web at the moment. Retailers having placeholders for cameras that don't exist, as well as stuff showing up on Canon's own site.

I have very good sources that let me know when announcements are coming. Sometimes these invitations to press events are NDA'd. I have received absolutely nothing about DSLR products.

Two people have written in saying there will be “significant” announcements from Canon for NAB. Neither was able to elaborate on products. We don't focus a lot on video at Canon Rumors, but if you know something…. I'd like to know too.

I hope going to NAB will change how we report video related products.

I wish I had more to write, but things really became quiet after the earthquake in Japan. I do expect things to pickup around April 1st with a lot of sillyness, and then the real stuff.


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