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New Flash? [CR1]

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New Pro Speedlite
I was told today that a new pro flash is in the process of being tested and will greatly benefit users of gels, as well as a “few other surprises” I haven’t been told about yet.

Feature List
– Gel info built into unit
– Custom gel accessories from Canon
– A guide number higher than 58. Perhaps as high as 70.
– Some functions of the flash unit are not yet available in EOS cameras, not even the 1D4. Possibly new camera firmware needed.
– Exact announcement date unknown, although 2010 is likely.

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68 responses to “New Flash? [CR1]”

  1. I seriously doubt it would have a colour temp meter built into the flash.

    It will be a copy of the Nikon system that has accessory gels with a chip in them or whatever.

  2. Yes, because the Autozoom feature is only relevant if it’s above your lens, pointing in the same direction as the lens. The idea is that it has roughly the same coverage as the lens has, so it lights up what the lens sees. Hence “Auto”.

    If you’re bouncing it, then the coverage of the bounce will be different to that of the lens, so it can’t be auto any longer, can it?

  3. Have you not read anything else here or ever looked at the differences between the two flashes? The difference isn’t that hard to see… And it doesn’t take that long to do a simple investigation of your own….

    It’s good to know what the other side is using… They are all tools! When the best tool for the job is in the other guys tool box and you’re not even aware of what he might have… Doesn’t put you in a good position.

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