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From NL
Over at NL they’ve been told to expect Canon to answer to demand with the upcoming lens announcements.

24-70 f/2.8L IS I predict is the most wanted lens to Canonites.

Or is it?

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155 responses to “New Lenses”

  1. would really like a 20/2 at around 500 with better corners than the 20 2.8. or better yet a prime around 17 aside from the tilt…
    something smallish – not too expensive. 17 3.5 sharp wide open…that would be nice…somewhere around 600-700.

  2. I’ve heard of several amature bird photographers who use the EF 100-400 L.

    Between the lines I gather it’s selected for it’s price even though it’s a little short (which could be compensated with an extender), but not being a bird photographer I could very well be misunderstanding.

  3. The EF-S 10-22mm is equivalent to EF 16-35mm, and they have no EF-S equivalent to the EF 14mm or Sigma’s 12-24mm lenses.

    If they want wide, I’d guess they didn’t vote because there’s no option to vote on an EF-S lens that starts around 8.5-9mm

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