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Over at NL they've been told to expect Canon to answer to demand with the upcoming lens announcements.

24-70 f/2.8L IS I predict is the most wanted lens to Canonites.

Or is it?

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  1. Out of sheer curiosity: how does a TS-E 24mm II with two EF 2x II extenders compare to the TS-E 90mm as far as image quality goes ?

  2. Ed Herdman on

    Me too, though there are so many technical issues that would need to be overcome. I mean, why not add autofocus while we’re at it? :) (And couldn’t it be done with special zone AF selection points, and so on, heh heh.)

    A 35mm TS-E seems more realistic to me.

    Updates to the TS-E 45mm and the 90mm would be great (being able to rotate the tilt and shift both in relation to each other and to the camera is a great feature).

  3. How old is the 100-400? An update is needed!

    How long as Nikon had a 200-400 and Canon hasn’t replied?

    IMHO both of these are needed.

  4. I have to say my 100-400 on an xti does exactly what I need it to. IS is great and focus is quick. I like the push/pull although it did take a little getting used to.

    I’d like the 24-70 2.8L IS to cover the shorter end. My other lenses are kit, no IS and pretty poor overall.

  5. I think the poll is wrong. I like to shoot with two APS-C bodies. My long lens is the 70-200 2.8 IS L. I have been campaigning for Canon to make a COMPLEMENT that starts at 95degrees. This would be about the equivalent of a 15-70 2.8 L Lens. Does any one agree? The current stable is all designed for full frame.

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