Keith over at Northlight Images just posted a detailed review of the Laowa 25mm Ultra Macro complete with some pretty fascinating sample images.

I've always found Keith's reviews to be quite detailed and chock full of great sample images, and this one is no different.

Oh, and about the Laowa?

Keith has this to say;

From an image quality point of view, there was little I could fault the lens with. It shows a slight bit of longitudinal chromatic aberration (purple/green tinges to OOF areas), but not excessive.  The 8 blade aperture gives better looking OOF highlights than the 6 bladed Canon MP-E65mm.

The only area that may concern some is the lack of stop down, meaning that it’s either a dark viewfinder at smaller apertures or you have to stop down manually before the shot. It’s no problem for my sorts of use.

The magnification setting is firm but I did notice that careless adjustment of the aperture could easily lead to a slight change in the magnification setting, and hence move the plane of focus. This was worse when the lens was pointing downwards [do note though that this was a pre-production lens]

The build quality of the lens feels good and the sample I tested came in a soft neoprene bag.

Ultimately this is a lens you’ll want for fine detail, and it definitely delivers.

Read the review here…

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