Is Sigma looking to get into cinema lenses? A patent showing an optical formula for a 30-300mm f/2.8-3.5 has appeared. The lens is for Super 35 sized sensors, the kind that are found in Canon Cinema EOS cameras. NAB is coming up in April and that would likely be the show that Sigma would announce such a lens for.

Patent Publication No. 2016-9122 (Google Translated)

  • Published 2016.1.18
  • Filing date 2014.6.25
  • Zoom ratio 10.00
  • Wide-angle intermediate telephoto
  • Focal length 30.00 90.13 300.13
  • F-number 2.83 2.83 3.53
  • Total angle of view 2ω 56.98 18.72 5.71
  • The image height Y 15.55
  • Overall length of the lens 409.00

Sigma has been aggressive to get into the prosumer space over the last few years, and adding cinema lenses to their portfolio is probably the next logical step.

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