Adorama has a daily deal on the Prograde Digital Cobalt Series 650GB CFexpress Type-B 2.0. You can pick one of these up for $449 (Reg $769)

Prograde Digital Cobalt Series Key Features

  • Fully compliant with CompactFlash Association 2.0 specification
  • XQD host interoperable with firmware support
  • Metal enclosure/encasement to endure high temperatures while providing better thermal conductivity
  • Built-in thermal throttling to protect your card and its content in the event of overheating
  • Designed to provide peak performance for flagship cinema, video and photography cameras
  • Optimized controllers specifically designed for use in professional-grade cameras
  • Component-level testing down to individual memory chips for optimal quality
  • Refresh Pro enabled to quickly refresh card performance and monitor card health
  • Speed Compliance: 1700MB/s (11333x)
  • Package Count: Single Pack

Prograde Digital Cobalt Series 650GB CFexpress Type-B 2.0 Memory Card $449 (Reg $769)

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  1. Sabrent Rockets are $150 for a 512GB card and after at least 50,000 shots over the past 6 months on 2 cards, they've shown zero hiccups. The company also holds the flag for most reliable solid state drive in a computer currently (2023).

    ProGrade is good, but Sabrent is better.
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