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Quad-Pixel AF and a global shutter coming in 2021?

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Are Quad-Pixel AF and a global shutter coming in 2021 to the new flagship EOS R camera? It’s a strong possibility according to a good source.

Canon continues to develop their flagship EOS R system camera, a camera most of us have dubbed the EOS R1. The camera is reported to be shown to the world ahead of the Tokyo Summer Games which begin in July of this year.

One feature that will be coming to the camera according to a very solid source is a Quad-Pixel AF system. QPAF would improve autofocus accuracy no matter what orientation the subject or the camera is in.

The same source claims that there is a possibility that a global shutter will appear in the EOS R1. For those that don’t know, this would effectively remove rolling shutter when shooting video or stills in the electronic shutter mode. There are challenges to making this happen, but it is still on the table for the camera.

There has been no mention of sensor resolution or whether or not the camera will be able to shoot 8K. If we want the direct sensor readout 8K RAW, then it’s going to have to be at least the same resolution as the EOS R5.

It looks like the Canon EOS R1 is going to be more than just simply sticking the EOS-1D X Mark III into a mirrorless body, and that will bode well for consumers as Canon will continue to push the envelope.

Both Nikon and Sony are expected to announce new flagship mirrorless cameras sometime in 2021 as well. Let the games begin.

I know a bit more about the camera and will be updating you once I’m able to.

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