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Quicker Camera Chips With Global Shutter Coming

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A report at IEEE on quicker global shutter equipped sensors has come out and it appears Canon is going forward fairly aggressively in this space.

While some companies are working towards the quickest frame rates possible, Canon is putting their emphasis on image quality at lower frame rates.

Separately, researchers from Canon’s device technology development headquarters in Kanagawa, Japan, reported memory-related improvements for high-definition image sensors that could be used to cover sporting events or in surveillance drones. While the Tohoku group is working on ultrahigh speed, the Canon group aims to improve the image quality of high-definition global shutter cameras operating at much lower frame rates of about 30 to 120 per second.

Like the Tohoku University chip, the Canon sensor closely integrates analog memory with sensors. In the Canon chip, each pixel in the 4046 by 2496 array has its own built in charge-based memory cell.

You can read the full article here.

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