Epson announced the SureColor-P800 last week, a full 17-inch wide borderless printer with unique Epson® MicroPiezo® AMCTM printhead technology. Leveraging an all-new Epson UltraChrome® HD eight-color pigment ink set.

KEY FEATURES (from Epson)

Keith at Northlight has been using the a preproduction version of the new printer, and has completed his review of the new 17″ Epson.

This printer has been long expected, and perhaps some will be disappointed that it doesn't make a stronger break with the past. It's definitely an evolution of the 3880, but I'm inclined to say, a rather good one.

When looking at the SC-P600 earlier this year, and now the P800, I realised that we are at a stage where it's largely going to be your photographic skill and ability to process/edit files that make the big jumps in how good your prints look. The P800 will show up deficiencies in your photography much more readily than your work will show the printer's.

Read the full review at Northlight

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