Andrew at EOSHD recently purchased a used Canon EOS-1D C for about half the price of what they were at launch. A lot of people had a hard time swallowing the $11,000 price tag, but at $6000, is it a worthwhile investment? People have always raved about the 4K image quality of the EOS-1D C, and that hasn't changed. Now that it can be had for half as much, maybe more people will take the plunge.

“The 1D C when I reviewed it was torture to be honest… I didn’t have long with the camera and although I was absolutely in love with the image I knew I couldn’t justify the £10,000 it cost to own, but the kicker was that it had so many shortcomings ergonomically and a rather awkward codec. Why not put this image in a Cinema EOS C300-style body? Having it in the 1D X housing is a mixed blessing. On the one hand there’s no better stills camera than this and no better weather sealing. The build quality is 100% pro level, you could rent it out to friends and not worry about it falling apart with tough handling in unfriendly environments”

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