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September 16 is the day they're all saying. Except at the Eos-Numerique site where they say the 17th. … d=29277695

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“People, will be just one new camera replacement for the actual 5D. Is true, the gossip about Canon having two new 5D's (one higher specs and one entry lever with lower Mp and specs) where based on real facts, but…but people translated the leaked info wrongly

The story goes like that: last summer Canon, started to work on the new “to be” 5D. It was a logical step forward from the actual 5D: 3.9 more Mp, 50-3200 ISO range, with H extended ISO range 6400. Nothing spectacular, just the way Canon give us the a new camera: a little bit more of this and that. A small number of RC2 level cameras even made it out to a few photogs in Holland and Italy. But… the info about the Nikon & Sony under development cameras arrived and Canon realized that they have to raise the bar a bit. RC2 cameras are recalled, Canon had to start all over: rushed in the new chipset and sensor.
So this is what we will ask Santa to put under the Xmas tree”

I don't really think the 5D replacement has been in development for just a year. Nor do I think Canon switched things up and rushed a new sensor and whatnot. Sony let the cat out of the bag on big MP a year ago. Canon knew it existed years ago. They've been working on the “new 5D” since the 5D first hit shelves…. maybe even before that.

If I'm wrong about the length of time that goes into the development of this stuff, let me know.

“we can learn that Canon will announce for this end of this year a “D700 like” with the main characteristics of 5Dmk2 but 15 or 16MPix with 6frames/sec. This one will be sold more or less 2000€. Just say goodbye to APS-C and EF-S !!!!” … p?t=567141

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