So here's some fun stuff
3D - Slow Day, EOS 3D? :)
Want a 3D Camera?

Dean Francis has shown us his version of a Canon 3D camera!

House Tonight
Don't forget to watch House tonight. It was shot 100% with the Canon 5D Mark II.

Sony NEX Editorial
I played with and fell in love with the Sony NEX cameras at the Henry's show in Toronto.

I much prefer the feel of the camera over the Micro 4/3 stuff I have used. I cannot wait to get my hands on one for a longer time.

I'd definitely buy the NEX 3


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  1. 3D… why bother with a new model. I think Canon should make it a peripheral for all current and newer models, they’ll make a killing without many people selling off their current bodies to get the only one that is capable of shooting 3D. They’d get the rebel, XXD and XD crowd all at once.

    I like the image Dean made.

    One the note about the duo-viewfinder, I would assume that wouldn’t be done and use of the 3D displays would be used to be more ergonomic. Personally I like using one eye for seeing the rest of the scene to see what I’m missing.

    Quick question, since there is software to improve image quality of a scene with more than one image taken of it, bumping up the size of the image, would the same apply with a 3D image (i.e. 2 18MP sensors with their own lens combine to make 36MP) and would HDR have more dynamic range?

    I would love to play around with separate manual settings for each lens to see the effect on the image and different colored filters/gels on each lens (I wonder what that would do). I’m not too much into gels yet at this time, but would love to try it out.

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