Tamron has announced that president and CEO Shiro Ajisaka will resign. Mr. Ajisaka is currently under investigation for the misappropriation of funds for person gain. Tamron has appointed current Vice President Shogo Sakuraba as the new CEO.

In July, a whistle blower reported that Mr. Ajisaka brought a third-party woman with him during a business trip and reported personal expenses as business expenses. During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Mr. Ajisaka had been misreporting expenses for at least the last 5 years.

Tamron also fired Hiroshi Otsuka, a managing director responsible for managing expenses on suspicion of being part of the fraud.

Tamron official release on the matter (PDF Japanese)

  • On July 9, 2023, an internal report was sent to an external contact point under the whistle blowing system operated by the Company that Mr. Ajisaka had accompanied a female third party on a business trip and diverted the Company's expenses for personal use, and the Company's Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Outside Directors of the Company have been investigating the fact.
  • As a result, for at least the past five years, Ms. Ajisaka had been eating and drinking at a specific restaurant involving the above-mentioned third-party woman several times a month, and had the Company bear the expenses (hereinafter referred to as the “Case”). Was discovered.
  • In response to the occurrence of this incident, Mr. Ajisaka requested that he resign as Representative Director and Director as of today, and the Company accepted the request and resolved to select a successor as President and Representative Director at the Board of Directors meeting held today.
  • The Company takes this incident extremely seriously, and at the Board of Directors meeting held today, an investigative committee consisting of neutral and impartial external experts independent from the Company and independent outside directors of the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Special Investigation Committee”) was established. and resolved to conduct a thorough fact-finding investigation of the facts.
  • The Company will fully cooperate with the investigation by the Special Investigation Committee and will proceed with the investigation as soon as possible. In addition, if there are any matters that should be disclosed during the investigation by the Special Investigation Committee, we will promptly announce them, and we will promptly notify you of the results of the investigation by the Special Investigation Committee as soon as we receive the investigation report.

Source: Asobinet
Header Image: HamZa NOUASRIA on Unsplash

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