One of the most talked-about future EOS R camera bodies is the RF mount replacement for the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R cameras. Which means a lot more megapixels than the 45mp of the Canon EOS R5.

We're naming the camera ‘R5s' for now.

I have been told that again, a small group of photographers have the high-megapixel body in their hands as it's going through the first phase of testing as a finished product. This source claims that the new sensor is “around 90mp”, which would be quite the bump in resolution over the EOS R5, and would put the cameras into two completely different segments.

Beyond the increased megapixels, I was also told that the EVF will be larger and higher resolution than the EOS R5.

I wasn't told when we could expect to see this camera announced, and I wouldn't be surprised if Canon doesn't yet know either. They are going to have to remedy the production quantity issues for both the EOS R5 and EOS R6 first.


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  1. I mean, 90 mp makes sense. Just over double the R5's resolution, and the 5DS was just over double the 5D's resolution.

    I wonder what frame rate they'll pull off with 90 mp. I would bet on the high end maybe around 8-9, 10 would make sense because double the data at half the speed, but the R5 only does 12 bit silent at 20 so with even more data I doubt they'll hit 10 fps.
  2. Same EVF as the A7s3 maybe? 9-10MP....would be really nice for landscape I think. Maybe also higher res. for the back display?

    But lets hope they will bring finally back the M & S Raw option to the R system...

    90MP sounds realistic for me! There were already rumors about this in the last year.
  3. Severe GAS. This is definitely not the camera for me. I would be far better served with a second R5. Yet, I find this rumored camera intriguing. I have the Sony a7r3 and a7r4 (I tried to sell the r4, but it came back!) and was quite disappointed by how little difference the rIV's additional resolution makes. Doubling the R5's resolution should matter. Yet, I don't need a high resolution body, but the siren song of greater resolution keeps calling...
  4. I’m concerned at what the s/n and dynamic range would be. When the 5s models came out, both were slightly better than what Canon had, but it really wasn’t that much better. Canon, at the time, was struggling with those specs. Now that the R5 and 6 have finally overcome the deficit, what will this do? It’s fully double the rez. I was interested in the 5s, but because of that and the lack of some other 5D features, waited for the Mk IV, and bought that instead.

    I haven’t ordered an R5 yet, because I’m not going anywhere just yet, so I can wait for whatever “fixes” Canon is working on for later this year. Will I wait for this? Probably not, if it isn’t out when I’m ready to buy. If, somehow, this does come out sometime, and by some amazing tech, the s/n and dynamic range aren’t lacking, maybe I’ll get it too. But at what cost?
  5. I hope they do get their production issues worked out soon.
    I'm not sure that there are production issues so much as a error on the part of the sales department in predicting the customer demand. The sales people predict customer demand and estimate the number of sales. This info is used to order components, set aside factory space, reserve shipping, its a huge chain of preparations for production and some items are long lead and difficult to speed up deliveries. Its even harder when you are introducing two new models at once. They obviously share some of the tooling and components so do you rob one to provision the other?

    With camera sales slowing down, and Canon as well as other manufacturers having to drastically lower prices due to overstocks, they were likely very conservative at provisioning for the new models. The R6 was expected to be the biggest seller, so a lot more of them hit the pipeline.
  6. As someone who is always fighting for more resolution, I have to admit that 45-50 Mpx is a sweet spot compromise for resolution vs file size and speed of capture and processing.
  7. If my math is right, the crop mode on a 90 megapixel camera would still give you 34 megapixels to work with :oops: That would be insane for wildlife. The R5 has already been lifechanging for me in its ability to be both a great full frame 45mp camera and a great 17mp crop sensor, but that would still be more resolution than a friggin' 5D mark IV even when you crop in to 1.6x...
  8. 90 MP is huge, so I hope the sensor would do great at base ISO compared to Medium Format cameras. I doubt that type of camera is for low light or high ISO.
    I remember there was once a rumor about a 63 MP sensor (35MM63MXSCD) last year, so that's what I thought a high-res RF camera would have!

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