*Update* We have confirmed that the camera will be called the “EOS R7” and it will come this year, Q4 being most likely.

There were rumors that a Canon EOS “R7” (We're calling it that for now) would have been announced by now, in a ‘normal' world anyway.

We have been told that the Canon EOS R7 is now scheduled for a Q4 of 2022 announcement. This tends to fall in line with the usual late August/Early September announcements that Canon is known for.

For the moment, specifications are scarce and we're unable to confirm what we do know at this time. Let's hope that changes in the near future.

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  1. CR Guy is back - at least for this post (I have the impression at least not both substitute admins are fan of these APS-C rumors :)).
    I'm happy to hear some news about the "R7". Really pushing my patience with that camera. Even Micro Four Thirds and the OM-1 have started to sound attractive (just wish that 150-400mm F4.5 TC wasn't so crazy expensive).
    I have the R6 because I couldn't wait to try that Animal AF any more. Great camera, but fullframe is not what I want to build my general all-purpose kit around.

    [PS. I'm not answering comments that I should buy fullframe and crop. We have already been through that discussion at least a 100 times before]
  2. Any chance this will have a stacked sensor? Could serve a purpose for me as a sports body if it did. I'd really like an R3, but the cost of an R7 plus the R6 I already have will be less than a single R3.

  3. Looking forward to this and any subsequent Rebel "R" it may bring. I really want a budget APS-C that can handle RF lenses. Pretty cool that there's confirmation of the R7 moniker.
  4. Scientists have measured the shortest interval of time ever recorded, clocking how long it takes a particle of light to cross a single molecule of hydrogen. The ultra-quick journey took 247 zeptoseconds, according to a team of German researchers, with a zeptosecond representing a trillionth of a billionth of a second.

    Shortest interval of time until the R7 is announced and I smash the preorder button in about 123 zeptoseconds.

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