The Complete Photography Bundle is Back

Last year this was a runaway success with our readers, and this year it’s back with a totally refreshed set of products, and a new lower price point.

The deal gets you $2,500 worth of products for only $97 – that’s a savings of over 96%. The bundle includes videos, eBooks, Lightroom presets, Topaz Adjust 5 and much more from the likes of Trey Ratcliff, David DuChemin, Joel Grimes, Lindsay Adler and Nicole Young, Serge Ramellie and Zack Arias.

However, the best part of the whole thing is that a full 10% of the revenue from the sales goes directly to 4 awesome, specially chosen charities; Mercy Ships, The BOMA Project, Exodus Road, and Tough As Her. Last year 5DayDeal raised over $220,000 for their charities in just a few days, and this year, with some new initiatives, they’re looking to top the $300,000 mark. If they reach their goals this week, they’ll also pass the $1million total donation mark for the last few years.

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Some Quick Facts About the Sale

  • All new bundled content – None of the products in this bundle sale have ever been included in any other bundle sale before. Ever.
  • 10% of sales goes to charity – 5DD have raised over $650,000 for them in the last few years.
  • Charity match option – Pay an additional $9.70 straight to the charities involved, and receive an extra $250 worth of training resources.
  • 10 Launch EXCLUSIVE products – Contains 10 new training products that have never been seen before.
  • The best of the best – The team at 5DayDeal have a rigorous selection process to get products included in this bundle. The content in this sale is only the highest quality courses, videos and eBooks from the top educators in the photo industry.
  • 60+ hours of video, 450 Lightroom presets, 15+ eBooks and 380 Textures/Actions
  • Full copy of Topaz Adjust included!
  • These products are the same ones sold by these expert photographers on their own websites. No trial versions, nothing left out.
  • Easy downloading – A simple email with links to click and download most products right away.

Canon Rumors Exclusive Bonuses

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We’ve teamed up again with fellow Canadian, Dan Carr, to bring CR readers a couple of extra bonuses to sweeten the deal even more. Dan is a professional adventure and outdoor photographer from British Columbia, and also one of the educators who contributes products to the 5DayDeal bundles. Any CR reader who purchases the bundle using one of the links on this page, will also get a free copy of Dan’s latest photography workflow eBook – Click Click, Tick Tock ($40 value). Dan’s clients include people like Apple, Nike, Adobe and Red Bull, so he’s got some great tips to share when it comes to refining your workflow.

On top of that, Dan has also compiled an exclusive special for Canon fans, called the Canon Lens Reference. A short, handy eBook that contains data tables and information for all current Canon EF, EF-S and EF-M lenses, as well as a guide to Canon nomenclature and a brief history of the Canon company. The data is available individually for each lens, and also in comparative tables for specific types of lenses, making it easy to compare specifications of several similar lens types.

As long as you purchase the 5DayDeal using one of the links here on Canon Rumors, you’ll automatically get sent both of these additional eBooks via email, for free, one week after the end of the 5DayDeal sale.

Very Limited Time

This bundle of products is only available for a very short time. The sale ends on Wednesday October 19th at 12pm (PDT). Once it’s over, that’s it! Gone!

Whether you're a photographer looking to gain new techniques, a portrait/lifestyle photographer wanting to grow a specific skill, a landscape/travel photographer taking it up a notch, or you're simply looking discover better, more creative, ways to edit your digital work… this bundle will instantly become an invaluable resource as you grow your craft.

Chances are that if you walk away to think about it, you will forget, and then you’ll be kicking yourself. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your skills, and do some good at the same time!

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