Sputtered out of the gate
The Canon EOS M system hasn't been  the sales success Canon had hoped. Bad press about the autofocus and lack of lenses are probably big reasons why. There's also a feeling Canon isn't totally committed to the mirrorless market, as the segment hasn't really been a dominant player in the United States, like it has in parts of Asia.

We're told Canon plans to “relaunch” the system in the coming months with 2 new cameras. A direct replacement of the EOS M we have now, and a higher end model. The higher end model would get the viewfinder and other accessories. It's also mentioned that the system could see as many as 3 new lenses launched in 2013 to give the system a better chance against the likes of M4/3 and NEX.

A new autofocus system will come with the new cameras and promises to be “class leading”.


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