Canon Medium Format?
A lot of discussion around the web about whether or not the 1D X is really a unification of the flagship line. A lot of people want that big megapixel studio camera.

[NL] posted an interesting quote from an interview with Canon Japan recently.

While we hear the voices, we want to see what the actual sales numbers will be for the 1D X and so determine how many 10,000s of customers we might be losing if we do not introduce a higher resolution camera and if the projected profitability of a higher resolution 24×36 mm format camera will justify development, marketing, and manufacturing investments , or if there is a sustainable market for the even greater costs of development, marketing, and manufacturing medium format cameras and lenses – an area where we have no internal expertise.

A few people I have spoken to desire a flagship camera that is high megapixel. They would like performance beyond what could be had for $2500 or so in a 5D Mark III.

I haven't heard of a medium format prototype within Canon, however I have heard in the past that Canon has considered purchasing a medium format company. I've personally never understood why they would, they are more than capable of entering the market themselves.

Canon Mirrorless [CR1]
Will Canon target the niche market with any sort of mirrorless camera in the future? That's what one person told me this week. There's no interest in the company in releasing an NEX or Nikon 1 kind of mirrorless.

B&H Deal of the day
B&H has the Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II in stock and selling for $2074 until January 7, 2012.


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