Patent Fun
I must say reading Canon patents makes my brain feel good. What's especially awesome about Canon and patents is they have about 50 a week!

Here's one good enough for Ashton Kutcher.

Touchscreen DSLR!

730580762 wZBms M 300x208 - Touchscreen DSLR Patent
"That feels good!"

Features (Snippet from Photography Bay)
Two simple and important adjustments that can be modified via the touchscreen are mentioned in the patent:

1. Sliding you finger across the panel in a vertical direction changes aperture values.

2. Sliding your finger across the panel in a horizontal direction changes shutter speed.

Other features contemplated by the patent that may be enabled by touch entry through the LCD include the following settings:

* Focus detection area
* Exposure correction value
* Flash adjustment correction value
* Photometry mode (i.e., metering mode)
* Drive mode
* ISO value
* Auto focus mode
* White balance mode
* Exposure correction value

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  1. The only place I could see myself finding this useful is for reviewing shots; scrolling around using the joystick can be pain in the ass sometimes.

  2. Sohn Jwan (the real one) on

    I wish that instead on wasting money on this stupid thing Canon invested their money to better their Quality Control… now cameras have to be like a friggin Iphone???’ are you kidding me??

    I bet most of the people loving this are those that have a collection of gadgets and stuff… MEH Canon has lost touch with reality and it is listening to the wrong people.

  3. When it is cold outside, I can’t answer my phone unless I use my nose or take my gloves off.

    Now I won’t be able to change the settings on my camera either. BUMMER!

    Give me buttons! I love my phone, but give me buttons!

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