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Weekend Round-up

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Most popular posts this week
What a week it was in the world of Canon. The last three weeks in fact have been a lot of fun. Below is a list of the most popular articles on CR this week.

  1. Canon EOS 300c [CR1]
  2. Canon EOS C300 & C300PL Announced
  3. Concept Cinema DSLR Official
  4. New Lenses Imminent? [CR1]
  5. Tech Article: Lens Genealogy
  6. Big Sandisk Price Drops
  7. Review: Leica M9 – A Second Opinion

Another useful read
A few people have asked via email and in the forums what “T Stop” is compared to “F-Stop” when speaking about the new Cine lenses from Canon. The link below explains it well.

thanks bsbeamer

I’m Going Away
I head off to Mexico for a 8 days starting tomorrow. Keep the emails coming, I will still be working.


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