The new site is now running as you can see. Most of the work on the site has been on the backend side of things, which will improve many things that you may or may not notice.

We ask that you give us until Friday to get some things sorted out. We are not currently looking at suggestions and comments from readers, but we will once we have things set the way we want.

Things to be fixed by Friday

  • Correcting the way things display on mobile.
  • Sorting content to its appropriate areas. This is a bit tedious and what we'll be up to today.
  • Some clean-ups of elements
  • Adding a button so you can change the way content is displayed on the blog if it suits you better
  • Sourcing links need to be added back

The next phase of the update will be a useful ‘Buyer's Guide' section. This will be a big job, so we saved it for its own roll out.

Those are the major things at the moment and they'll really make things more fluid once addressed.

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