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What do YOU Think is Coming at PMA?

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I want to hear what you folks think is coming for PMA?

Rumors have been few and far between, will that mean PMA won’t bring us too many goodies? I’ll keep trying to find out.

My Predictions based on the best rumors I have will be up shortly.


80 responses to “What do YOU Think is Coming at PMA?”

  1. the new 1D ?? MUST be introduced… it’s got to come out as the best kept secret and the best focusing, full frame (12-18 mgpix), 9+ frame per second equipment to date… Having been one of the biggest Canon biggots on the face of the earth… I’m heading to the Nikon booth to check out the D3 if Canon is sitting on their hands… 6 L lenses might be for sale March 6th… that PAINS me to even say that…

  2. I think the EF-R is not too far fetched an idea in the lens line up. But the body size of the G10 doesn’t cut it though. If you measure the mount of the EF mount ( since it should be backward compatible, its probably too big for a G10 body. But it might be plausible that its smaller than the EF mount, but big enough to accomodate all the M mount Leica’s and Minolta’s of old with a suitable adaptor.

    The EF-R mount possibly being a step up adaptor.

    However, there lies in the problem. A 2x crop factor isn’t very attractive to most rangefinder fans. A FF or a 1.3 crop might be acceptable. So to make a lens small enough, the register distance would have to be very close indeed. Possibly under 25mm or even less!

    But if Canon pulls of something like that, it practically kills of the mystique of the Leica M8 altogether!! Something which I think to Canon pursue if the market study works out. It represents a new market for them in this aspect.

    I would be interested in a 1.3 crop or FF rangefinder EF-R camera definitely!!

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