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What’s Coming August 21, 2013? [CR2]

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What to expect on August 21, 2013
First, we’re told by a great source that only PowerShot announcements will take place on the 21st. We’re also told not to expect anything “high end”, nothing like the Sony RX100 II. I would imagine at least a few new PowerShots will have features that go along with sharing photos.

Which brings us to…. as some have pointed out, the invitation shows a cloud and not an EOS, PowerShot or EF logo like most invites. There’s a good chance that this is for the Project 1709 photo management service. You can visit it at

I have feelers out to see if anything bigger in the way of an EOS camera is to be announced or showcased. There is always a possibility of a “development” announcement, as that can afford Canon time to actually get a product to market.

More to come…


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