5D Mark II

I’ve just received insider information from Canon.
Someone I know, who had to make a video clip for a well known music star in Switzerland, spoke to a higher-up from Canon.

They told him that the release of the 5D Mark II was actually not planned for October but rather for Sping 2009.
But since Nikon released a video DSLR (D90) they were forced to also release one.
Originally full manual control was planned but they couldn’t finish it by the time of the release.
This of course explaines also the low suply from Canon.

Well if this is true we have a good chance to see a firmware update soon.

From: FixMy5D

This goes with our information that a firmware update is coming for the 5D Mark II in April. I think the first week is a bit early, but I do believe it's coming.


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  1. I relly need the 24fps. I can get Manual Control From Nikon Lens with aperture ring. I really feel betrayed by Canon. they only will publish the Firmware if Nikon do it with d90 first or if Panasonic Launch the GH1 sooner than expeted.

  2. It’s an ugly hack, but I made a quick program for my HTC mobile phone (Windows Mobile based) that will display different shades of gray. Using a manual lense (fixed aperture), I select the appropriate shade of gray, put the phone in front of the lense to force the appropriate exposure settings (say 1/60s @ ISO 100 for a 180° shutter), press exposure lock and shoot away. That way, I can do exactly the same thing before every shot and be sure I’m always using the same exposure. If I want to move up or down, I just make the image lighter or darker. Again, it’s an ugly hack, and shame on Canon for forcing us to do this kind of BS, but it’s the quickest way I’ve found *personally*.


    Use this software at your own risk. I wrote it in about 30 minutes as a proof of concept, tested it once on my phone, and make NO WARRANTY that it won’t make your phone explode or melt your 5D with cosmic death rays. I just wanted to see if it would work well enough for me. It seems it does. Lets hope Canon get their sh*t together, though, and saves me from having to wave my phone around in front of a lens like a madman every time I want to film something!

  3. WHat to say. I feel like ditched by Canon and looking forward for the new firmware upgrade with Video manual controls. Since I am planning to shoot a short feature film with this camera I am planning to buy couple of Nikon lenses. Will wait for some more days. I have already shot two TVCs with this camera and the result is amazing, Check this link to see the TVC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6tqhzkHaPk

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