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Canon 2010 Roadmap? [CR1]

By Canon Rumors | December 1, 2009

This is an exact quote of an email I received.
“2010 will be the year for the (semi-) pro’s due to the fact that Canon lost huge marketshare to Nikon.

The new year will bring no 60D, and no follow up for the 500D.

What will be anounced will be the 1Ds IV. This will be a totally new product with a new design. The new design is needed due to the fact that new sensor will be 35x35mm. So sort of medium format but not a full medium format.

The new sensor and format is needed to go into the low 40 megapixel range.

It also paves the way for the new xD model (probably the 3D) which will be announced late next year. For this xD I do not have much technical specs for this product yet, except for a renewed introduction of  Eye Movement Focus Control which will be based upon advanced contrast focus while moving the pupil to focus on the subject. Also this camera will be a FF camera based upon the current 21 MP sensor with improved optical range.”

CR’s Take
1Ds Mark IV….. I think a replacement is coming soon, I’ve heard January/February from a few folks. A square sensor though? Wowzers, what do you all think?

60D….. I can see a lack of a 60D in 2010, the 50D and 7D seem to be perfectly placed for their segments. A $999 50D would a good seller. There are folks that don’t care about movie mode, but want a good build.

550D…. I can’t see Canon going into Christmas 2010 without a new Rebel. Not sure on this one.

3D…. We hear about it all the time. A FF version of the 7D is a desired product. Would people pay $3499 for it? Eye control AF? I just got an EOS 3 and they better have improved it by the time a 3D hits!


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