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More XSi Price Drops – Canada [CR5]

By Canon Rumors | July 31, 2008

XSi w/18-55 IS Kit
Expect to see the price on this to drop to $799 MSRP in Canada starting next week for a week.

5D Successor shipping already? [CR2]
From NLI:

“Is the 5D replacement collecting in the warehouses? We had this comment (thanks) from a visitor to a Jessops store in the UK”

“The Canon rep has told them the 5D replacement has started shipping and is in the UK already (insufficient quantities to release as yet though), unfortunately they weren't able to give me any specs or details as the Canon guy 'didn't know anything' “

Thinking how hush hush things have been from Canon lately, I have doubts a rep would say such a thing and still retain his job.

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