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Bad News Closing out 2013? [CR2]

Bad News Closing out 2013? [CR2]

Nothing new for the EOS/EF family in 2013?
We’ve received word from a very good source that Canon has no more product announcements for EOS or EF in 2013. There is always the possibility of a “development” announcement, but no new product will be announced or shipped in 2013.

The same source had previously said that only 1 entry level DSLR will begin shipping in Q1 of 2014.

I hoping to hear confirmation from the same source as to whether or not EOS M is included in the “no new products for the EOS/EF line in 2013″.

CR’s Take
I think manufacturers are going to ride out a pretty stagnant year and try to build a lot of hype for 2014. Economic recovery around the globe will further recover and we should expect a very exciting 2nd half of 2014 for new gear.



New Canon EOS M with EF-M Mount

Canon EOS M
Below is the new Canon mirrorless camera and EF-M 22mm f/2 Lens.

The folks at [DI] posted what appears to be the first image of the new Canon EOS M mirrorless camera.

The New Canon EOS M

Canon EOS M Rear

Canon EOS M Top

Canon EOS M Sensor

EF-M 22mm f/2 STM