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More EF & PL Video Rumors Surface

More EF & PL Video Rumors Surface

EF & PL Mount Cameras
I’ve received more contact that EF and PL mount camcorders are coming from Canon over the next 6 months or so.  We’d see the EF mount camera most likely before the end of 2011 and the higher end PL mount version sometime before Q2 in 2012.

The source said the EF mount camera looks to be “affordable” and would be extremely popular, the PL mount camera would be a higher end professional solution.

No mention of sensor size or specs on either camera. That is usually a good sign this far ahead of any sort of announcement.

Take any rumor of an EF mount video camera with a large grain of salt. This is a product that does not exist yet and has a potential to be a wishlist product.



Holga Giveaway

Holga Giveaway

Holga Direct is showing off their new Holga lens mounts by doing a giveaway for the Canon world.

What can I win?
Holga Direct is giving away a Canon Digital Holga Kitchen Sink ($108.99 value).

The “Kitchen Sink” contains the following lenses:

Digital Holga Lens Specifications

  • Effective Focal Length: 60mm (120 Medium Format – apply crop ratio as per your SLR)
  • Aperture: Fixed f/8
  • Focus: Manual Zone Focus
  • Lens Type: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 38x57mm
  • Weight: 38g
  • Fisheye for Digital Holga SLR Lens (FEL-HL) Specifications
  • Brand new redesign of the classic Holga Fisheye lens for Digital SLR cameras

Telephoto Lens (HT-25) Specifications

  • Resulting Lens Angle 46 degrees (120 Medium Format) OR 34 degrees (135 Regular Format)
  • Magnification: 2.5x
  • Dimensions: 39x57mm
  • Weight: 36g

Wide Angle Lens (HW-05) Specifications

  • Resulting Lens Angle 93 degrees (120 Medium Format) OR 70 degrees (135 Regular Format)
  • Magnification: 0.5x
  • Dimensions: 38x57mm
  • Weight: 38g

Close-Up Lens Set (CLS-1) Specifications

  • Set Contains CL-120 (120mm focal length), CL-250 (250mm focal length) and CL-500 (500mm focal length)
  • Accessories: 1 protective bag

Macro Lens Set (MLS-1) Specifications

  • Set Contains ML-30 (30mm focal length) and ML-60 (60mm focal length)
  • Accessories: 1 protective bag

How do I win?
It’s simple, just leave a comment in the forum thread associated with this post. The gieveaway will be closed in 1 week and I’ll announce the winner.

Who is this giveaway open to?
Anyone on the planet, this giveaway is open to residents of any country.

Holga Direct Facebook Page



EF 8-15 Fisheye Coming Soon?

EF 8-15 Fisheye Coming Soon?

Here’s Hoping!
Received some information today saying that initial availability of the EF 8-15 f/4L Fisheye will be in the next 20-40 days.

CR’s Take
It’s a good bet they want this lens out as soon as possible. It’s going to be a sales winner.

thanks Daniel



First Canon Mirrorless Related Patent?

First Canon Mirrorless Related Patent?

The First Canon Mirrorless Related Patent?
This appears to be a lens adaptor. EF to something else?

Egami compares it to the Sony NEX to alpha mount adaptor.

Publication number: Patent 2011-53437 (P2011-53437A)
Release date: March 17, 2011 (2011.3.17)
Title of invention: Lens adapter apparatus and system

Google Translated Link (egami)

CR’s Take
I don’t read japanese, so I’m relying on the job the translator does to the site. It looks like a lens mount adaptor. If/when Canon enters the mirrorless market, I am pretty confident they will have an EF adaptor for such a system.

This is the first patent I’ve seen that has even a remote chance of being about a mirrorless camera from Canon.



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