Oh no!
I can hear the collective tears hitting the floor.

The recent rebates on the 5D Mark II have nothing to do with an imminent release of an updated camera. They have more to do with selling lots of 5D Mark IIs. I'd expect rebates to be extended right through to Christmas (Dec 25).

What is coming?
Two new video cameras are coming to us on November 3, 2011.

What I think I know about them
One will be EF mount, the other will be PL mount.  They will be both be higher end cameras, and could reach the price point of $10000+. It has also been suggested that the EF mount camera could fall under the “EOS” banner.

Other crazy things I've heard about them?

One of them would have a square sensor and take 48mp still images. I'll [CR1] that one.

Noooooo, What about the 5D Mark III?
There is absolutely nothing, I mean nothing about a 5D Mark III being imminent. I have received the “no new DSLR in 2011” line from 7-8 different sources. One source said if something is announced in 2011, it would be near the end of December for CES/PMA, but that was merely conjecture.

So no 1Ds4, 5D Mark III or the rumoured 6D (name guess) in 2011.

A curveball could still come, announcements for products can change. Just because they announce, it doesn't mean they have to ship anything.


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