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By Canon Rumors | July 14, 2010

The Future of EOS Lenses

As I mentioned in “CR’s Take”, it didn’t seem overly viable.

A CR2-3 source has been telling me another non L EF prime is on the close horizon.

1Ds Mark IV
The first words about the camera in a while came in today. It was suggesting the camera would be a post Photokina camera.

New Video Camera Format
2 folks have said a new interchangeable lens video camera would be shown at Photokina. Canon has paid close attention to Sony & Panasonic.

EVIL (Eletronic Viewfinder Interchangable Lens)
There’s something on the horizon from Nikon. However, Canon will be the last to the party.

I have a funny feeling that whenever Canon enters the segment, they’ll be the first one to do it 100% right. Or am I kidding myself?

Before you ask; Yes, I like the “EVIL” acronym.


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