Dodge & Burn Introduces the New “1959” Tee Shirt
Dodge & Burn, makers of The Camera Tee-Shirt, are proud to introduce the “1959”. This new tee is inspired by the legendary Canonflex. Introduced and discontinued in 1959, it was Canon’s first SLR camera and a unique mechanical beast to behold with its bottom-mounted film advance and outsized external light meter. The “1959” tee is meticulously illustrated in the trademark Dodge & Burn style, showing this amazing camera at its best.

Dodge & Burn is based in New York City. The “1959” is made and printed in America on a cranberry-colored 100% ring-spun cotton tee.

Deal for Canon Rumors readers
Get 15% your entire order by using the coupon code (without the quotes): “1959”.

The code will be good from Monday March 18th to Friday March 22nd. The code will be good for your entire purchase, but does not apply to the cost of shipping.

The Canonflex
I take a small bit of credit for this t-shirt, I suggested it when I first met Ted at Dodge & Burn. However, that's where my influence ended. Dodge & Burn has done a great job on the art and color selection of the t-shirt. Here's my Canon Canonflex for a short history lesson about the camera.

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