From somewhere in the EU
I received information that an unnamed marketing/advertising agency in Europe received a worklist for projects pertaining to Canon DSLR's and video cameras. One of the cameras mentioned is a 1D Mark 4. The due date for the project from Canon is January 12, 2010.

This goes with our “end of January” information for an announcement.



  1. Be aware that exact comparison between FF and APS-C cameras is very difficult to carry out. It is possible only for experienced and INDEPENDENT laboratory tester. How you can be sure that tester was independent? If you own both cameras you can do however some estimate comparison using first class primes 50 mm and 85 mm respectively. Remember that FF has 2,56 times bigger sensor area and the same object in the same lighting condition creates dimmer image on the sensor comparing to APS-C. To compensate this you have to either increase ISO 2,67 times (if possible) on FF. You can’t do it exactly however because both lenses will be for sure of different characteristic for the same aperture, say f/5.6. I mean mainly transmission. Besides you have to downsample the image from FF camera to match APS-C. At the end you need make printouts from both images and then compare results. So everything what you write about such comparison is your impression only, not opinion. The worst thing about it is that you don’t really need such comparison at all. The 5DMkII is entry level pro and 7D is high end APS-C only. You can use them both happy without comparisons.

  2. How hard it is compared to the 5DII…Is it due to the size of the viewfinder or the electronic display at the viewfinder?
    I wanted to do some macro work and considering seriously to get a 7D. Thanks

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