1. 1) It’s NOT moronic if the 7D has better image quality than 10 MP 40D

    2) Diffraction at f/8 is hardly noticeable

    3) Nikon and Sony are bleeding financially even as we speak. At least Canon is in the black.

    4) Sony is hardly conservative. They jump onto the 24 MP FF bandwagon even before they can tame the high ISO noise beast.

    5) Wait till Nikon releases an 18 MP D400. Then you’ll have eat some crow to eat.

  2. If you want this little new camera from Canon it’s probably due to it’s attractive body and small size, something Canon has done well in the past and managed to improve upon in the SD780 IS. If those two things are topping your list, don’t bother reading this review. You’ve succeeded in finding a tiny, attractive little camera that can go just about anywhere. If quality and features also matter, it’s more of a mixed bag. As usual, when you make a camera this small, the form factor means sacrifices in more practical areas. Nonetheless, Canon does

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