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1D Mark III & 1Ds Mark III Done? [CR1]

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New pro bodies on the horizon?
I received an email today from someone in the Twin Cities area who works in a higher end retail environment. Apparently they were privy to some information saying both EOS-1 bodies would be discontinued soon if they hadn’t already.

I tried to get this information better substantiated. No luck yet.

Both EOS-1’s at the same time? Why not? They’re basically the same shell with a different mirror box & sensor. The public opinion of the current Mark III’s is less that desired. Canon doesn’t currently have a flagship “wow” camera.

1D replacement? Yes.

1Ds replacement? I’m not so sure.


47 responses to “1D Mark III & 1Ds Mark III Done? [CR1]”

  1. I think the 1DsIV could be a medium format competitor at around 32 mpx with the 1DIV doing nicely at 16. That would be significant differentiation. Now all we’d need are 64 gb Sandisk Extreme V’s to handle those 80mb files.

  2. Celebrating their 50th Anniversary of the SLR by knocking people’s socks off at year end –
    Nikon better hold on to their hat.

  3. Convergence makes sense. With FF in both heritage D and heritage Ds I can see a good deal of commonality. But would moving D from APS-H to FF really make for convergence?

    I can see room for both FF D (lower resolution, higher frame rate) and FF D (higher resolution, lower frame rate). Hell, even throw in electronic crop on the D, I can live with (or without) that. But would this really call for both lines to be EOL’ed at the same time?

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