New pro bodies on the horizon?
I received an email today from someone in the Twin Cities area who works in a higher end retail environment. Apparently they were privy to some information saying both EOS-1 bodies would be discontinued soon if they hadn't already.

I tried to get this information better substantiated. No luck yet.

Both EOS-1's at the same time? Why not? They're basically the same shell with a different mirror box & sensor. The public opinion of the current Mark III's is less that desired. Canon doesn't currently have a flagship “wow” camera.

1D replacement? Yes.

1Ds replacement? I'm not so sure.


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  1. I shoot all kinds of stuff with all kinds of cameras. I am a working photographer who shoots for advertising and corporate client as well as to make images for my own books about photography. Over the last two years I’ve been using small cameras like the Canon G10 and the SX10 for more and more of my work. In the studio, shooting set up shots or small products these cameras shine by dint of their easy to use Live View and increased depth of field. When I bought the SX 10 it was for the long range of the zoom lens which meant I could shoot anything from a construction site to tight shots of the cabins at the top of the construction cranes. I’ve done some portraits with studio lights and an SX10 and they were also very usable. I wish the SX 10 and SX 20 had raw file capability but they don’t. That just means I have to be a bit more careful about WB and exposure. I’ve used the SX10 at outdoor swim meets and found that the lens performs better than expected right out to the end.

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