Some Specs
From the “NDA's broken over a few beers” source…

* Redesigned AF system! AF points can be visibly seen during servo mode now if you turn it on. he said he hasn't tried that much servo mode but claims it works “just fine”.

* 16 megapixel sensor. He didn't talk about the microlenses and wasn't sure on the design of those. He did say the low light/high ISO was amazing but didn't know the technical details on the sensor's production.
* Still 10fps…
* 3″ VGA resolution screen with 1:1 pixel view.
* Still 1.3x crop…
* 1080p/720p selectable video (still 30fps he seems to think as framerate was not selectable). A Canon wireless mic may be an accessory…
* ISO range 100-6400 expandable in third stop steps to H1 and H2 – and L for ISO 50. (much like what Nikon have done). He said that ISO 25 was available on a model he had but it had some technical issues.
* ExFAT support as an option for formatting cards but the default is still FAT32.
* SD/CF has been retained. One card can be configured for video and another for photos.
* Same look/feel as the 1D III … d=29431935

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