1D Mark V Featureset Rumors
I received an email today outlining additional features of the upcoming 1D Mark V. Please note I do not yet have a [CR3] confirmation of a 1D Mark V being announced in August.

  • The 1D Mark V will have “built-in cropping”. You will be able to choose between full frame (32.4 mp), APS-H (27 mp) and APS-C (21 mp).
  • You can buy additional focusing screens to emulate cropping.
  • The fps are linked to the cropping factor. You can get 8.4 fps with APS-C and only 3.1 fps with full frame.
  • sRAW1 and sRAW2 is possible to speed up fps.
  • Burst mode will give you a max of 10.1 fps depending on the image size and buffer.
  • Expect some video tweaks.
  • RAW video was only enabled for the engineers.
  • Either a 24-70 II (no IS) or a 35 II will be announced with it.
CR's Take
This is a BIG [CR1], rumor stuff is starting to heat up. I am going to post stuff that has at least ideas that are plausible.

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