1Ds Mark IV
There's not much to talk about, I'm getting the usual variables in “tips”. Some say it's coming before Photokina, others claim it's 6-12 months away. Nothing definitive yet.

24-70 Update
I'm emailed daily about this lens, as I previously mentioned, I haven't heard anything about a replacement in a long time.

New Flash
I  was told by a decent source we'll see a new one announced before Photokina.

More cameras coming?
There is at least one announcement day coming. Outside of more Powershots, I have no CR3 info yet.

I'm told the 1D Mark IV will be getting a firmware update for Photokina. No word on features. CR1 this one.

60D Manual is Up
You can download the english user manual for the 60D. You'll notice there is no AF microadjust in the manual.

Download Manual (9mb pdf)


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