A New Philosophy?
IĀ receivedĀ a pretty detailed email today about pricing of a new pro full frame camera.

It's suggested Canon feels they can afford to be more aggressive in pricing and we could see the 1Ds launched in the $5999-$6999 range.

Most people felt the D3x was grossly overpriced when it launched for $8000. The 1D Mark IV would received a price reduction at the launch of a 1Ds Mark IV.


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  1. All of you HD video lovers are aware, I suppose, that for a 1000 $ you can get an incredible Full HD camcorder, whose lens will be far superior to the camera lens (for shooting VIDEO).
    It’s actually pointless to justify a price increase of 1000 USD or more for a professional camera, just because it has a feature that focuses slowly and shoots at fewer frames/sec.
    What are you – photographers or movie directors? If both – then buy two devices. After all, 1Ds mark 4 is a professional camera.

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