Here we go again
I've had a few people today email me from different parts of the planet claiming 2 new FF cameras from Canon. A couple of them aren't sure if they'll both be mid level cameras or the new 5D and a 1D body.

There could be “some time between the announcements” the source goes on to say. Perhaps the one source is talking 50D and 5D replacement and just doesn't know it.

I posted here a long while back that Canon would have 3 new showcase cameras at Photokina. XS, 50D & 5D2 or since the XS is already being sold….. the 50D and 2 new cameras to come.

Where there's smoke…

Luminous Landscapes
This was pointed out by a reader.


“This is an exciting month in the photographic industry, with many new cameras and other photographic items to be announced leading up to and at Photokina. I'll be away for much of the lead-up to Photokina, but I will also have some surprises (plural) in store for you during the next couple of weeks. Keep your eye on this page (What's New) because you never know when something of considerable interest might appear.”

Surprises from Canon? or from everyone? LL rarely deviates from Canon, Nikon (recently) and Leica.

We'll see…

Canon Rumors Reviews
I'm going to be reviewing some stuff on the site in the next month or so. I'm going to be receiving a few items just for that purpose. They won't all be expected.

I'm going to try and borrow from Luminous Landscapes with their type of equipment review. I'm going to take the pieces of gear and really try to make great photographs with them and pass on my findings to you.

I hope you'll all enjoy it.

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  1. Photographe nautique on

    Just to be sure everyone has the right dates, Photokina in Cologne, Germany happens every two years, the next one is the 21st to 26th September 2010. Here’s the official website, the dates are top left of the screen :

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