5 new lenses for Photokina?
I received an email today about Canon's plans in regards to new lenses for Photokina.

“My dealer in Cologne said to expect 5 new lenses for Photokina…. one will be ef-s, one will be a new zoom and the other three will be upgrades.”

I recall Canon stating they can only churn out 3-4 new lenses a year, so this might be a bit of a reach. However, the 3 upgrades would probably take far less resources to develop.

The lenses most sought after for an upgrade would include:

1. 17-40 f/4L (add IS and better on FF?)
2. 100-400 (f/4-5.6 and new IS?)
3. 400 f/5.6 (IS?)
4. 24-70 f/2.8 (Add IS)

What current lens would you most like to see upgraded?

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