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We reported these specs in January, they're finally showing up around the web.

Check our friends at Gizmodo for more.

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  1. As said in earlier posts, it would be extremely pointsless with those specs. Way too close to the 50D. It seems a tad too much for a Rebel anyway. They don’t need to raise the MP to 15. I just can’t see the ISO on a Rebel going up to 12800. 6400 maybe. 3200 I can see. I’m sure they’ll put in movie mode as it’s being something the consumers are wanting.

  2. Anonymous, what is the point of that link to a Japanese website? I don’t see any canon-related info on it.

  3. Too good to be (totally) true. So far I’ve heard about 15mp, 3” screen that rotates, 18000 ISO (!), HD video with sound and AF, jog etc. All these in a entry level body?? It sounds more like a 55D or 60D rather a 500d. That would be a decent competition against Nikon D90.
    To be honest I, too, hope it would be a “cheap” 500d (but then a 50d is dead). Hm Let’s wait till tomorrow

  4. All I really really want is the articulating LCD. Ever since I bought the original Canon G1 back in 2001, I’ve wished for an articulating screen on a Canon SLR. It’s incredibly useful, and it changes the way I look compose my images.
    I’ve been planning to buy a new 5DII, but I’m holding off to see whether the new Rebel includes the articulating screen. That’s how important I think it is; I’d be willing to forgo a full-frame chip just to get a swivel screen.

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