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We reported in December that Canon Canada would be closing their Calgary and Montreal service centers, at the time I didn't have any idea why.

From Rob Galbraith
Canon Canada will end the repair of cameras and other photo gear at its facilities in Calgary and Montreal later this month, as the first step in a consolidation and expansion of Canon Professional Service (CPS) resources in Mississauga. A recent notification to Canadian CPS members indicates that repair services at its western and eastern regional locations will cease on March 31, 2009; after that date, all gear requiring repair is to be shipped directly to Canon's service facility adjacent to the company's Canadian headquarters in Ontario.

The centralization of SLR, lens and accessory repairs is the kickoff to what's promised to ultimately be an improved CPS service, says Neil Stephenson, Professional Market Executive in Canon Canada's Consumer Imaging Group. In the months ahead, says Stephenson, one of the staffers tasked with implementing the Canadian CPS program, Canon shooters can look forward to there being more SLR technicians at the one service centre in Mississauga than there were at the three service centres combined, as well as a significant increase in the service loaner pool of gear available to CPS members, including new digital SLR bodies, supertelephotos and more.

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  1. This is going to be expensive and a pain in the b*tt to send stuff from Western Canada back to Ontario. Boo!

  2. We are going to see lots of cost cutting and consolidating of facilities by everyone still in business this year.

    When times are good, things like this don’t happen because everyone is meeting their profit targets.

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