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Received an email stating Canon would be adding another kit lens to the Rebel kits.

It would look something like: EF-S 18-120 f/3.5-5.6 IS

I don't think a kit lens between the 18-55 and 18-200 would be such a bad idea.

Big grain of salt on this one and add some pepper.


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  1. Come on Canon new EF-S lens but stop using micro motors with the 18-200. Nikon put USM in it’s DX lens so you can put it in EF-S, The 18-200 EF-S would have been so much better if it had USM.

    I though Canon said a few years back that it was committed to putting usm in all it’s lens.

  2. Don’t make it a kit lens the 18-55 IS is a good enough kit lens, made this and upgrade EF-S lens.

  3. The 18-55 IS is good enough as a kit lens. Make the 18-120 or what ever this new lens will be an upgraded EF-S lens for people who want a quality walk around for a crop body, it could even replace the 17-85 but retain ring usm and metal mount and non-rotating front of that lens.

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