50D Rebates come to life50drebate 216x300 - 50D Rebates - USA - April 4 to June 5
Speculate away as to what this means. The rebate program ends around when we previously posted a 60D could be announced. Sometimes this stuff is coincidence.

Both Adorama and B&H are still closed for the holidays. We should see them correct for the new rebate prices soon.

I'm still shocked Canon sells the 28-135 IS, and I always think its on the way out when it appears in rebates. I haven't heard anything about a new 70-300 IS. I do think they're a strange pair to put together. You may not think so. :)


  • 50D Body Only: $100
  • 50D w/28-135 IS: $100
  • 50D w/70-300 IS: $250
  • 50D w/28-135 IS & 70-300 IS: $250

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  1. I find it interesting that Canon came out with this $100 instant rebate and almost immediately all of the authorized retailers raised their price so that the new price after the instant $100 rebate was higher than the price prior to the rebate.

    Nice rebate!

  2. I guess I gotta issue an erratum: B&H now has the 50D at 1099 — 999 *after* the rebate.


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